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The Pilgrims Progress

A Spoiler Free Book Review

A Review of The Pilgrims Progress I first heard of the book The Pilgrims Progress from Pastor John MacArthur and Pastor Jack Hibbs in December of 2020. I have read many books Christian books as well and never heard of this book before. That got me wondering what this book was about and why these men thought highly of it, and why many people agreed. That was the main reason I picked this book to read first on my January book list. Before I get into the review, let me say that all reviews are just one person's opinion of a book. What one person finds to be a lousy book might be someone's favorite, and vice versa. As an author, I know how hard it is to sit and write a book and come up with ideas that will have the reader want to turn the next page and hope that they love your book as much as you do. However, I'm also not the kind of reader who will dissect a book into little pieces and talk about the characters' depth, or the plot was old, nothing new, or the writing style was not up to date. That is not why I pick up a book to read it. I want a good story. I want to be submerged in the book so much that I stay up all night because I cannot put the book down! A saying comes to mind when I see people talk about books and criticize them over the smallest thing. It's from Maximus Decimus from the movie Gladiator when he says, "Are you entertained?" If the answer is yes, then I'm happy, and the author has done their job. This will be a spoiler-free review... Now, onto the review. I listened to this book for free on YouTube instead of checking out at the library and reading it. This way, I could listen to the book at night while everyone was asleep and I was cleaning my house. LOL! The book was a little over six hours long and converted from its 1678 Shakespearean writing to a more modern version. The Pilgrims Progress was an excellent book. Very uplifting and had me smiling and rooting for the main character, "Christian," many times throughout the story. The updated version was simple to understand, and being a homeschooling mom, I would definitely use this book (And even the audible book) for a class assignment. Great for reading, writing, bible study, spelling, and I found coloring pages online for younger children. Pilgrims Progress is about Christian's journey and how he escapes "The City of Destruction" and makes his journey to the "Celestial City" that sits atop Mount Zion. He reads the book in his hand (the bible) and tries to get his wife and children to understand that they will be destroyed if they do not follow him, but in the end, they don't believe him. After meeting a man named Evangelist, he sets Christian on the path to get rid of the heavy burden weighing Christian down. The book is about the struggles and tribulations that Christian goes through to get to the Celestial City. He meets both good and bad people on the path that Evangelist put him on. Some people help him, while others hinder his journey. Christian has a couple of companions that take the journey with him. Pliable, Faithful, and Hopeful, and they face all the things that work in the world to make a person doubt, struggle, and even trip and fall in their walk of faith. This is a straightforward book, easy to understand, enjoyable to read, and deep in its up-front meaning in walking in faith with God. I think it is a must-read for every Christian, and if you're not a Christian, it is beautifully written and very poetic about life. Just a little side note- When I was researching the author John Bunyan, I found out that he wrote this book while in prison for violating the Conventicle Act of 1664, which prohibited the holding of religious serves outside of the church of England. I found that fascinating! I enjoyed this book, and will listen to it again, and that for me, it is the hallmark of a good book!

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