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The Book I picked Up This Weekend...

Midnight sun. The long awaited book that many had been waiting for, but was the book series that me and my girls to enjoy reading together

In my life with massive amounts of children, I've always been the kind of mom where I had to approve books or manga that my children wanted to read. Now, I'm not saying that every book was thoroughly examined, but sometimes they were, especially if they were books that was little older of a book for them to read.

When my oldest daughter was younger, the Twilight book was all the rage, and she wanted to read it. So being the mom I was and reading as fast as I do, I skimmed through it at the book store and then picked it up for her. She read the book to my second daughter, who is autistic and my youngest, who was about one at the time, on her bed and they fell in love with it. When she was finished she told me that I should read it, she thought I might like it, so I did.

I have to admit, I love it when writers break the rules on what so-called normalcy is on things like vampires, and werewolves. (I loved reading Ann Rice). I the books by Stephanie Meyers I found sweet, fun, and different and could see why my girls liked them.

I had fun talking with them about the books with my girls. We talked about what we thought would happen next, or why they like loved or didn't like a book or a part of the story... we even named one of our dogs Emmett, after one of the characters. LOL!

After the fourth book came out, the girls talked about a book that Mrs. Meyers was writing, and it was told from the side of Edward. And personally, I thought that was kind of cool, but it never came out. So when I pulled up to Books-A-Million and saw that the new book, Midnight Sun, had come out, I couldn't help but pick it up.

My girls are no longer interested in the series, well my youngest said that she might want to read it, but I dove in last night and didn't stop until page 230.... and this is a 677-page book!

In short, I'm not finished with the book yet, but I think that I will be by this week, work permitting, and I'm really enjoying it! I've always liked reading the guy's perspective on things, even if it is just in a book. ;) Now, I find that people either on the side of loving these books or hating them. I like this book so far. It is a fun and easy read, with no swearing and nothing you couldn't read aloud to your kids, or have your kids read on their own.

I'm having a really good time reading this book, and nowadays something fun to read is a big plus in my book!

Our dog Emmett... He's a Sheltie. Love this guy!

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