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Sexy New Book On Inkitt.com

Supper Sexy tough guy and a ballerina... Oh, I'm having fun writing this one!

So, I've been writing a new story on Inkitt. It's about a guy, Owen English, who's in a band, and also owns a Classic record store/ music store. Owen is best friends with the lead singer of the group he plays in named Jagger. Jagger's little sister has lived in Russia since she was eleven years old to go to school at the world-famous ballet school in Saint Petersburg. Over the last five years, she has been performing all over Europe as a professional ballet dancer.

When Owen gets talked into taking Jagger little sister Josephine out and showing her around so none of the guys around Bayside Beach will pick up on her, he's annoyed to be put in such a position. But after finally accepts to only get Jagger off his back over it. He's expecting a spoiled little brat to come in, but when Jojo comes into view, she is the sight of elegance and beauty. It was right then he knew no one had to talk him into taking Jojo out... he wanted her all to himself.

Josephine had always been a quiet person. She likes to keep to herself. But wasn't sure if living in a different county and learning a langue on her own made her that way. Now, after dancing in the renowned Russian dance company for the last five years, after finding out that her mother's cancer had not only come back but was worse than she ever imagined. Going back home to Bayside Beach Florida, was the best thing to do.

After a messy break up with a man that not only ruined her confidence in herself but also decimated her heart, she debates if ballet is what she wants to do anymore. But when she comes back home to see her family, she forgot what an over-protecting brother she has. Jojo meets Owen the first night she's in town, and can hardly believe that this guy who looks sexy, wild, and dangerous, would come over and talk to her.

Can a romance bloom when there is an overprotective brother and a demented ex-girlfriend around more than willing to put the breaks on this bad boy to get the woman he wants.

Can a woman who always does wats right let go and fall in love with a man who is the complete opposite of her? Only time will tell...

I came up with this book idea when I was at my daughter dance recital... and it's been alot of fun to write!

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