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Happy F%@#ing Birthday to Me

A mom, a husband, and six children and all the craziness that comes along with it...

Let me tell you a story, one about a time when we just moved to Maine and my last two babies were all still pretty small...

One year I wanted this very expensive cake for this ritzy bakery in downtown Scarborough. It's now gone out of business, so I don't remember the name of it, but it was really pricy.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm a complete choc-O-holic!

So anyway, I order this milk chocolate cake, one with a dark chocolate ganache in the middle. It also had a thin layer of raspberry on top of it, then was covered with a thick and O' so yummy chocolate glaze. This cake was so sweet that my oldest son said with just one bite... it could give you diabetes.

Yes, it's that sweet!

I spent $35.00 on this delicious cake... and let me tell you, it was pretty darn small for eight of us. (8 inch round pan size) But in my book... it was so worth it.

After I came home from picking up the cake, I put it in the fridge so it would be perfect for after dinner, can't leave a ganache cake out in the heat. But if your wondering, I don't cook dinner on my B-day. That is a cook free day for me...Happy Birthday, Mommy!

When my husband came home, I called in and placed the order for pizza. (a meal that everyone in the family will eat) This way, we had a stress free dinner with happy kids, happy husband, and a happy me. The birthday girl shouldn't have to cook or clean up dinner dishes on her day. lol

Now there are some Birthday rules at my house, and they are...

1. The birthday person gets to chose any dinner they'd like to eat. It can be homemade, our bought.

2. You can choose if you want a homemade cake or a store-bought one. (Its usually just my husband who wants me making a cake)

3. And the best part... whoever B-day it is, they have control over the TV and remote. :)

I know the last one sounds funny, and for a long time, it didn't really apply to the little ones but; between my hubby's reality TV shows and all the kid's cartoons... I never get to watch anything I like. So yup, number 3 is very important to me. Hahahaha!

So after we had dinner and my husband threw away all the paper plates and wiped down the counters, I picked out my movie. After that, I went and took the cake out of the fridge and placed it on the kitchen table.

Now, to this day, I can't tell you why I did this, and honestly, with my kids, I should've known better. Maybe I thought the cake needed to be more at room temperature before I had it. Maybe I wanted to get everything ready to go, so after the kids ate, we could give them their baths and put them down. And maybe, just maybe, I thought there was way my darling children would ever touch mommy's b-day cake... right?

Before we sat down at the table, our youngest needed a diaper change before we sang happy birthday and had cake. So picking her up went upstairs and must have been gone for only about seven to ten minutes before I made my way back down.

My husband was in the front room with the kids, sitting and watching TV, when I walked into the front room. I just turned the corner, and there they were. Him on the couch with our four older children, completely mesmerized by what was on, but utterly oblivious to our toddler sitting on the kitchen table eating every expensive birthday cake... with his hands!

I gasped, then the baby looked up at me with two hands full of cake, then he shoved it quickly into his mouth! My head turned as I glared at my husband, who then looked back at me and said the typical husband words that have been uttered for thousands of years to wives all around the world...


Well, needless to say, the cake was destroyed, and none of the other kids wanted anything that could be salvaged. I mean, a 2 year old diving into a cake with his hands... yeah, it could be iffy on what was on it. LOL!

I did have a good laugh after we cleaned the kids up and put them down to bed. My hubby even went to the corner store and bought me a whoopee pie and coffee milk to make up for the destroyed cake.

He placed a candle on the top of the whoopee pie, then sung me happy birthday. I blew out the candle, then cut it in half for us to share and started my girlie movie.

That is one of my best birthday memories ever, and it always makes me laugh!

Thanks for stopping by. Now I'm off to go do the dishes...

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