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A Street Cat Named Bob

A charming book to read in 2021!

A book review of; A Street Cat Named Bob

I found this book when I went onto Chewy.com to get my bunny food. LOL! It's 275 pages long, and I found it a relatively short easy read that had me laughing, crying, and cheering for James and Bob on every single page.

Being an American, some of the terminologies was hard to understand. Like a "busking," What is busking my American friends (Or people like me who don't get out much) might be asking? Here is the definition- play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or subways. Or other terms like RSPCA, Big Issue, street names, and places, that I'm sure not unusually in England, but have no idea what they are here in the states. But as soon as you start to read, the meanings you pick up on pretty quick. This is a story about James and how he was on his way to getting himself clean after being addicted to heroin.

One day he finds a ginger tom cat outside on his doormat. (Or to us Americans, and orange cat. LOL!) He lives in an apartment and is in a program where he is given methadone to help get him to kick the Heroin habit. You watch these two grow together. From working the streets as a busker, James taking full responsibility for a cat he wasn't sure he could care for, let alone feed. But you watch the bond of friendship and love that grows between James and Bob and gives James a reason to get better. There are trials and challenges and many laws that I didn't quite get as an American, but I really felt for James in his struggles.

I'm a sucker for a book where you watch a person grow and blossom into something extraordinary. A Street Cat Named Bob is the perfect kind of book to bring a smile to your face. This is a clean book, with no sexual content and a little swearing, but the subject matter is too deep, in my opinion, for younger kids. It's not just a book about a guy finding a fluffy orange cat, but more about the struggles a person goes through when you're addicted to drugs and want to get clean. I really enjoyed this book and loved watching the movie. But this book is definitely is a one read book for me. But saying that, I found there are more books to A Street Cat Named Bob and will be reading those as well.


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