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A book review of Erma Bombeck: The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank

Non-spoiler review

Oh, Erma, Erma, Erma, I think if I would have had my six kids in the 70's we would have been the best of friends, and I would have fit in perfectly at that time! LOL! I listened to this book on Audible. It is 4 hours 11 minutes of gut laughing, chuckling, and nodding with agreement humor. This book was written in 1976, so it is a very different way of living and looking at life compared to 2021. But so much of this book could be switched out with what's in fad nowadays. For instance, Tupperware parties could be switched out for papered chief. Barbie and Ken could be Monster High, My Little Pony's, or whatever has the kids going crazy. And don't get me started with husbands and sports. UGH! This book starts out with Erma and her husband leaving the city to buy a house in the suburbs in the development of "Suburban Gems" and have their own plot of paradise. As you might imagine, the hilarity of how buying a house back then still is true today. You go through the new frontier of suburbia with Erma. Making friends, having the kids from the neighborhood invading her home, and all the fads that go along with 1976. If you're a parent, you will get a lot of humor out of this book; if you're married, even more, and if you're a stay-at-home parent or a work from home parent, Erma is speaking your language! You'll read all about the start of the sex-education in school, to the husband and their front lawn dilemma, sports on the TV, garage sales madness, Halloween bikers, the gossip of swingers in the neighborhood, and the diet epidemic. They're so much more in there, but those are just a couple. If you like a book that is a throwback, this book is a must-read! I highly recommend the audible book. Barbara Rosenblat's voice makes the book so much fun to listen to with that raspy voice of hers; it was perfect and exactly what you'd think Erma would sound like. I also found it was turned into a movie starring Carrol Burnet in 1978 ... I'll be watching that tonight on YouTube. ;) I will admit this book won't be for everyone because it is a little outdated. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad it's in my digital library.

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