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Bayside Beach Series

Rocking her Slowly

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Josephine, or Jojo to her family, has been gone from her home in Bayside Beach since she was a little girl. Being a ballet dancer had always been her dream, and that's been her life for five years now. But after her last performance, and her mom having cancer again, she's wondering if it's what she still wants to do with her life.
 Little does she know that her big brother Jagger has set her up with one of his best friends to help get her out. But dealing with a heartbreak that no one knows about, Jojo isn't sure she's ready to go out with some guitar playing, tattooed, bad boy. 
 Owen has more on his plate than he'd like to admit. From a mom that might be sick again, a vintage record store, and a crazy-ass ex-girlfriend that won't leave him alone. Not to mention the ex-boyfriend to his ex-girlfriend that had him jumped a couple of months back and put into the hospital.
 When Jagger comes up asking Owen to take his sister out on a date, he begrudgingly agrees. But from the very first time he sees Jojo, he knows she's something special.
 Can two completely different people find their way into each other's arms when there is so much standing in their way?