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Gabby Goodwin's Train Wrecked Love Life

Gabby Goodwin has a questionable sense of style, no filter whatsoever, and horrible taste in the opposite sex, and that's just the tip of her problems. Gabby Goodwin is just your average fourth-grade teacher, who just so happens to write erotic novels on the side for a living. But other than that, she’d tell you she’s completely average. But there is one area of her life that never seems to work out for her no matter how hard she tries... and that's her love life.

After her latest mistake, Gabby decides to take a break from men for a while. But her best friends have other ideas on the matter. Then when her mother decides to get involved… all hell breaks loose. Before she even knows what the hell is going on... old crushes emerge, rivals she thought long dead, and old heartbreaks that she wished would've stayed long gone.

But in Gabby's crazy life, who knows what the new school year will bring, or what her friends and family have in store for her... she just hoping she can survive it!


Whoa! This one is one of THOSE books that can be read a mazillion times! Hilariously awesome!

Ready for a laugh out loud, over the top quirky, silly, heartwarming and sassy romance with a heroine who has a personality like a kaleidoscope turning in hyperdrive?

Jennifer L. Byars’s GABBY GOODWIN’S TRAIN WRECKED LOVE LIFE: Running life on Coffee, Mascara & Sarcasm is as entertaining as its title suggests. Meet Gabby, a dedicated elementary school teacher who moonlights as an erotic romance writer and get ready to fall in love with her attitude, her clumsiness and her lonely heart of gold.

Gabby and love just never seem to work out and now she is at the mercy of her best friends and her mother, who are determined to help her find her perfect match. Old crushes appear, old rivals show their claws and Gabby finds that her heart may have been spoken for long ago, if only he would notice her… It seems it will be feast or famine for Gabby as suddenly, there is a line at the door vying for her attention.

I laughed, I chuckled and I wanted to take notes, just in case I could use some of Gabby’s one-liners someday. One of the best romantic comedies I have read in a very long time! Read it, I promise you will be left with a smile long after that last page! You can thank me later! Okay, maybe you should thank Jennifer L. Byars!

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