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Here are just some of my Books...

January 02, 2018

The Scarlet Affairs

Come venture into a world were fallen angels run ramped, and a group of men called the Huntsmen fight to keep their evil at bay... In a world of men sometimes it take a women to get the job done.


Scarlet is the youngest sister of five brothers, who just so happen to be leaders in the Huntsman society. Among all the men who are hunts men... she is the only woman to ever ben born to be one.

 Working with the fallen angels that are working to do to get back into the Fathers good graces, they help the Huntsmen find and destroy there kind who seek to do evil.

April 17, 2018

The Sprunkwick Chronicles Hidden Foes in the World of Gears, Grime & Wonders Book 1: The truth from down below the Surface

Alice has been on the run all of her life, but has never fully understood the reason why. Only that she has been marked for death with the emperor's brand because of what her father gave her to keep secret from everyone.  That was the same night she met a very evil man that branded her, and kidnapped her father.  Now she lives in hiding with her uncle, his first mate, and a snobbish elite they picked up on the way.

May 01, 2018

B.D. Cooper Mysteries: In the Chameleon

Many things have changed for Bernadine Dorothia Helmsworth  after being part of the women's movement. She lost her husband, and her daughter, but managed to get through it all with her house maid, adoptive daughter, and by keeping herself busy.
 By helping the Chicago police department track down the mob, she has found herself smack dab in the middle of a string of murders. Flappers from the local speak easy have come up missing and killed. So, B.D. disguises herself as a flapper as well to try and find clues of the possible killer and give them to the chief of police.
 In the middle of her investigation her life takes an unexpected turn when she runs into the multimillionaire Emmett Rosemond. And that's when things begin to get interesting.

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