Whoa! This one is one of THOSE books that can be read a mazillion times! Hilariously awesome!

Ready for a laugh out loud, over the top quirky, silly, heartwarming and sassy romance with a heroine who has a personality like a kaleidoscope turning in hyperdrive?

Jennifer L. Byars’s GABBY GOODWIN’S TRAIN WRECKED LOVE LIFE: Running life on Coffee, Mascara & Sarcasm is as entertaining as its title suggests. Meet Gabby, a dedicated elementary school teacher who moonlights as an erotic romance writer and get ready to fall in love with her attitude, her clumsiness and her lonely heart of gold.

Gabby and love just never seem to work out and now she is at the mercy of her best friends and her mother, who are determined to help her find her perfect match. Old crushes appear, old rivals show their claws and Gabby finds that her heart may have been spoken for long ago, if only he would notice her… It seems it will be feast or famine for Gabby as suddenly, there is a line at the door vying for her attention.

I laughed, I chuckled and I wanted to take notes, just in case I could use some of Gabby’s one-liners someday. One of the best romantic comedies I have read in a very long time! Read it, I promise you will be left with a smile long after that last page! You can thank me later! Okay, maybe you should thank Jennifer L. Byars!

The Domination Game Award.jpg


The game of life, we are dealt cards, some pass go unscathed and for some, going straight to jail without passing go would be a blessing. Davis Mills, billionaire oil mogul, the game is about winning, rules be damned. On the other side of the game, Adire Black’s game is all about control, her being in control, her controlling the final win. So how do an extremely virile and alpha male and a true Dominatrix goddess play the game of winner takes all without giving up their edge?

Two dynamic forces, drawn into each other’s vortex, must one submit to the other? Ina battle of wills and sexual ecstasy, perhaps both will submit to the power of love, lust and the fairytale dreams of happily ever after.

I had sweat on my upper lip; the heat was so intense, thanks to Jennifer Byar’s ability to bring every single page to in-your-face life. Domination brings two powerful personalities together, each damaged by betrayal, and worse. Neither trusts completely, but both are looking for the elusive someone to complete them. Will Adire find a place to start over and move on with Davis by her side and in her bed? Will Davis’ Texan charm and self-confidence show Adire he is man enough to submit if she is woman enough for vanilla sex sometimes? Is it possible for love to heal all, even when the past comes roaring back in spades?

To the winner goes the spoils and delights, but is playing a game what they really want?
Jennifer Byars holds nothing back, not the heat, the passion, the pain, nothing. Flawed characters, human characters, some quirky, some purely vile, from the boardrooms to the backrooms this is a riveting and highly charged sensual read. This isn't smut, it is erotic reading filled with passion.


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