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Gabby Goodwin's
Train Wrecked Love Life

Gabby Goodwin is just your average fourth-grade teacher, who just so happens to write erotic novels on the side for a living. But other than that, she’d tell you she’s completely average. However, there is one area of her life that never seems to work out for her no matter how hard she tries... and that's her love life.


After her latest mistake, Gabby decides to take a break from men for a while. But her best friends have other ideas on the matter. Then when her mother decides to get involved… all hell breaks loose. Before she even knows what the hell is going on... old crushes emerge, rivals she thought long dead, and old heartbreaks that she wished would've stayed long gone.


But in Gabby's crazy life, who knows what the new school year will bring, or what her friends and family has in store for her... she just hoping she can survive it!

The Second Chance of Love
Rocker Girls Series Vol.1

Beautiful, elegant, and intelligent, Addison Reade gave up her dreams of being a doctor long ago when she married James Richardson, the lead singer for the world famous rock band Death Ever After. Instead, she immersed herself in her husband’s career and the band’s dream of making music. At the same time, she starts her own band, aptly named Spitfire.

Unfortunately, years of touring and fame change the Jimmy that Addison once knew. Now only women, drugs, and alcohol consume his world. It is only after Addison serves him with divorce papers that the abuse starts. Like the flip of a switch, the man she once loved becomes a complete stranger to her. When she lands in the hospital after one of Jimmy’s rages, she and her Spitfire bandmates decided to hit the road and run away, leaving behind her ex-husband and the out-of-control lifestyle that followed Death Ever After like a plague.

It is a stark change moving from California to Ohio, but Addison does so because here she can once again pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. She and her band also find an amazing gig at Tab, one of Cleveland’s hottest clubs. Still smarting from her divorce and the need to repair her broken heart, the last thing Addison needs is to fall in love again. All she wants is to become a doctor, build her medical career, and settle into a world far from the craziness of her past life. Then, Winston Mallory walks into her life. Win, as his friends all call him, is the lead guitarist for the band Inferno. The tall, smooth talking, and auburn-haired, this bad boy rocker has never had a problem getting woman into his bed. The last thing he needs in life right now is anything more serious than a one-night stand. He and his band have in their sights on a possible record deal. This means heading out to California and a chance at the big time. At last, fame, fortune, money, and woman were all at his fingertips.

That all changes when the most beautiful woman Win has ever seen steps out of an old purple van out front of his apartment building. That’s when the complications and the many questions begin.

Can Addison put her past behind her? Is she willing to fight for her new career while balancing a new relationship? Is Win willing to stay in Cleveland or is the lure of Hollywood too strong? Is he willing to live with Addison’s past, or will the memory of the infamous Jimmy Richardson get in the way of their future? ​

Once a Lover Rocker Girls Series Vol. 2

Kindle Only

Margie life has not been easy to say the least, but she’s always managed to pick herself up and shake off whatever crap came her way. One of her biggest mistakes was the lead guitarist from the world’s most infamous band, Death Ever After.
After one to many broken hearts, Margie and her bandmates had decided to escape Hollywood to help one of their best friends leave an abusive husband. Now Margie has finally, and for the first time in her life, found her footing in the big city of Nashville.


 She’s working as a hairstylist, and getting her life back together after so many bad relationships, and that includes leaving the rock stars behind.

Jones has come a long way from being just some foster kid from California. He’s now a famous guitarist with the whole world at his feet. Money, fame, and woman, have been part of the lifestyle that he’s adopted over the last five years. But the one thing that he was always sure of was, Margie’s unconditional love, that is until she walked out on him.


 Now that she’s gone he realizes just how much he needs her, but it’s more than that, he loves her. After he finds out that Margie is going to a wedding that one of his friends was invited too, he planes on crashing the wedding and finding a way to get back the woman he loves.
Can Jones make Margie believe he’s a changed man. Can Margie put the past behind her and take back the man who devastated her heart time and time again…or is she really ready just to move on?

The Wild One

Rocker Girls Series Vol.3

The last three years has been a rough and wild ride for Lynn, but life was finally getting back on track for her and her friends. That is until one night she sees that the Hollywood starlet, and her own personal walking nightmare, Crystal Gross, has finally found the Rockstar of her dreams to marry.
 In a fit of rage Lynn comes up with a wild and devious plan to help crystal see that the Rockstar life isn't always sex and roses... but when she flies back home to set her plan in motion, she wined up going to see the only man she'd ever loved, and the main culprit of her black, mangled heart, Nickels Ramon.
 Nickels hands were always full.
First there was dealing with Jimmy, the lead singer of Death Ever After, to make sure he stayed clean. Then there was dealing with the band and touring, and finally
, there was their record company and all the headaches that came along with it. But even with everything that went on his crazy life, there was only one thing that he loved and that was, Lynn.
He had been punishment for two long years by this game they played, it was time for her to see she was his, and no one else's.

PROPOSAL Mindy.jpg
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Moving Past Heartbreak

Mindy life has been far from easy, and her obsession with her first love has been downright toxic. Can she find the strength to move on? Mindy had always felt like the black sheep of the family when it came to the girls. There had only been one thing that was consistent in her messed up life, and that was her love of Dax.

However, life never seems to work out the way she hopes for, and Dax telling her to move on has not only been hard to hear, but impossible to do. But somehow she has managed to pick herself up and do what she thought was impossible to do... leave Dax.

With Mindy's life in limbo, many things are going through her head, when she happens to bump into a guy that Margie introduced her to at a party a couple of months ago, and in the most unlikely of circumstances.


Can Mindy truly let go of her first love so that she can fall in love again?


The Domination Game


What’s the point of a game? Do we play for the emotion, for the power, or is it all about the glory of knowing you’ve won the prize? For senior executive Adire Black the game is not only about the win, but about control. Everything in her life has its proper place and proper order. That includes her…men.

Adire or A.B. to her friends, is back in Boston after a long absence. She’s called in to help with a PR problem with Gravin Oil Company & Industries, when she meets the owner. A tall, persistent, Texan who doesn’t know how to play by her rules, but insists that he wants to learn how.

For Davis Mills, the Texas billionaire and the mogul at the head of Gravin Oil, the game is all about winning. Even though he is more inclined to be on his ranch back home then too stuck in an office in Boston, he will get his Grandfathers Company back it its glorious reputation. But, when he meets the strong, seductive Ms. Black, all thoughts turn on how to captivate this woman who is all too happy to turn the tables on him.

What happens when a Dominatrix meets a strong Alpha male? And just who will win the power struggle of submission?​

Checkmate ~The Domination Game~ Vol. 2

After Adire, a quick witted dominatrix, finds out the horrific truth that Davis’ father was the man who brutalized her mother all those years ago, she decides to leave behind the only man she’s ever loved. Without a word, she packs her bags and leaves Boston for a prestigious PR position in Beijing. Life, however, isn’t the same without Davis. Neither 12-hour-work days nor the dazzling nightlife of Beijing provides the escape she had been hoping for.

For Davis, meanwhile, the truth of who and what his father truly is devastates both his family and his heart. His only hope is that Adire will come to realize that he is nothing like his father, but rather, a man deeply in love with her, a man who would forever put her needs above all else. All of his hopes for her return are dashed, however, when arrives back at their brown stone on Chestnut Street only to see a For Sale out front.

Davis decides to do everything in his power to regain Adire’s trust and love and immediately boards a plane for Beijing. Even as he does so, further problems arise in Adire’s world when a mysterious man from her past sudden reappears and offers an ultimatum that could not only devastate her career, but her heart as well.

In a love story of consummate passion and mystery, the unanswered question is whether Adire and Davis can come together to put their pasts behind them or are the brutal realities of their pasts just too much to overcome…

The Making of Molly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her~

 An arrogant vampire comes up with a way to make a new immortal species to help the dark underworld fight the destruction that the human race has caused; destruction that could soon lead to their imminent extinction. Soon to be thirty-nine year old Molly Barons was just your typical average wife and mother, nothing out of the ordinary.


 Her life was messy with children, a husband, house work, and everything related with being a normal Mom. But, her life is about to change in ways she never thought possible when a man shows up at her door one summer evening and kidnaps her from her home.


 Molly’s hauled off to England to be part of an experiment for a group of five powerful men who run the dark world known as the Creatures. The three vampires, a werewolf King, and an Elvin king all have their hopes set on her to solve all their problems. She is to become a blood slave to the vampires and an incubator for the other two. But, the mindless obedient woman they thought they were going to make through the experiment, wasn’t what they got. What they got however, is much more than they bargained for.


 As Molly’s body begins to transform into a new breed of Creature, a Mixer, her new found abilities weave their way into the depths of her being to change more than just her body, but her character as well. The world of darkness thought that by playing God they could bring forth their salvation, little did they know that one small woman could bring them all to their knees.

~Invitation to the Grave~

Invitation to the grave 1.jpg

Molly’s back! This time she’s on a quest to find out what happened to her family while remaining hidden from her mates and makers. But nothing ever comes easy for Molly. As her maturing cycle reaches a pinnacle, her power has grown exponentially, and the fear of losing control has heightened.

When Calista tracks down Molly and tries to bring her back to New York, Molly insists that she no longer wants a life of blood and fight. But no sooner as Calista left than the truth of what Molly truly is comes crashing down on her with perfect clarity. Nothing means more to her than her family’s safety, and she will go to any lengths to protect them.

As things start to unravel in the underworld, it’s denizens get their first look at their new enemy - the nitrous MM’s – and more questions arise. When Molly finally makes her way back home, she finds that many things have changed, including the involvement of Marcus and the rest of her mates in the New York cluster.

Can Molly get the upper hand on the five men who still want to keep her under their thumbs? Can she find the leader of the notorious MM’S, who seems, all the while, to be plotting against her? And when shocking revelations of her youngest daughter’s demise come to light, will Molly be able to hold back the fury of the beast that dwells deep inside her? Or is she destine to wreak havoc and mayhem on everyone around her? There’s only one way to find out…

Come be part of the invasion!